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Welcome to Winnataska! 

Arrival and Check-in

Check-in day is a very busy day for us and as a result, we are not able to spend as much time with everyone as we would like.  If you have concerns, please contact the Director well before check-in day so that we may spend time with you addressing your concerns.

Plan to arrive on time during designated registration period on opening day (2-3:30 pm on Sundays, depending on your camper's hut, and 1 pm on Wednesdays for mini-Chico campers only.)  If this time does not work for your family, please contact camp ahead of time so that we are aware of your schedule.

To allow us the opportunity to sufficiently prepare camp for you camper’s arrival, we will not register campers early.  Please plan your arrival at camp accordingly.

        Seminole, Pueblo, and Navajo campers register beginning at 2 pm. (Please do not arrive before 1:30 pm.)

        Choctaw and Creek campers register beginning at 2:30pm. (Please do not arrive before 2:30 pm.)

Cherokee and Chickasaw campers register beginning at 3 pm. (Please do not arrive before 2:30 pm.)

        Chicos register at 3:30 pm.   (Please do not arrive before 3:15 pm.)

Hut colors:

Pueblos wear WHITE. Seminoles wear BLUE.  Creeks wear ORANGE.  Chickasaws wear GREEN.

Cherokees wear PURPLE.  Choctaws wear PINK.  Navajos wear RED.

Chicos wear YELLOW.

Registration Procedures

1.  You will be greeted by a camp staffer who will show you where to deposit your camper’s gear.  Camp staff will deliver the gear to the appropriate camping areas. You will be directed to a parking space in our visitor lot, or the adjacent overflow lot.

2. When registration begins, campers and parents will then enter the camp gates and head toward the Gyvilion.  We usher in small groups every few minutes. Please have your camper check out card and any medication with you. (Rainy day plans include waiting under the shelter of the craft hut.)

3.  You will be directed to the Gyvilion for check in and the health screening.  You will turn in your Due to privacy laws, no more than one camper with one parent at a time is admitted into the screening area.  The wellness staff or camp nurse will  check in any medication, and check your camper’s hair and temperature.

4. Chico campers will walk up to Chico hill to meet their directors. Mainside campers will head across the bridge to go to their hut. Luggage will be delivered close to the cabins.

5. Farewells are at your child's cabin.  After you say goodbye to your camper, you can be on your way to making new friends and setting of on new adventures.

6. After registering, stop by camp store in Strickland Lodge to purchase a care package for your camper. You are also welcome to put some mail in the mail bins by the camp gates. (You can keep it hidden in your car and retrieve it after dropping off your camper.)

Mini-chico sessions: Please arrive at the Main Gate/Hamilton Welcome Center between 1:00 - 1:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Your camper will register as described above.

Transportation and Safety Information on Opening Day 

  • Please be aware that many young children and families will be on campus during registration.  Drive slowly as you approach camp, and be extra cautious when parking.  Staff members wearing Winnataska t-shirts can direct you where to park if you need assistance.   

  • The parking lot for visitors is one-way.  Cars enter near the Welcome Center and exit on the opposite side of the lot.  A staff member stationed at the crossroads between the camp gate and the parking lot entrance.  Please keep an eye on small children in this area. If you are waiting for registration to begin, please keep your children in the fenced area for their safety.
  • Restrooms are located in the pool bathhouse on Sundays. 
  • Registering a camper does involve a good deal of walking! Also keep in mind that camp roads are dirt and gravel, and strollers made for street use do not handle the terrain well.
  • We do not allow smoking or pets on camp property for the safety and comfort of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If for some reason, Camp would need to dismiss and/or register campers early, or at any time different from our publicized arrival and departure time, we would send an email to parents from our email address. We use Constant Contact, an email and communication management system, which allows us to send out messages quickly to all registered campers. In addition, the message on the answering machine at the camp office would communicate the change in arrival or departure time.  The change would also be listed prominently on the camp website homepage. 
  • Sometimes we do need to modify and adjust our registration and departure plans due to the weather.  Rainy days can sometimes dampen our luggage, but they do not damper our spirits! We will do our best to keep you sheltered and move your camper’s belongings quickly.  For the simple reason that the weather during the summer can be unpredictable, we suggest keeping rain gear in your car and wearing shoes made for walking on registration day.
  • Camp staffers always wear camp t-shirts on arrival and departure days; if you are in need of assistance, please ask someone on staff for help.