Boys and camp - a no-brainer!
Monday, October 15, 2012 at 11:55AM
Ann Pickens

Sorry, girls of Winnataska, this one is all for the boys.  Catherine Bentley is our recruiter and office manager and she is our guest blogger this week.

Summer.  It’s the most wonderful time of year for kids.  No school, no homework, and no early bedtimes.  Almost three months of freedom to do whatever you choose.   There’s nothing better than spending part of that summer at an overnight camp.   It’s the perfect place to just come and be a kid and have a ball…especially for boys! 

I have 2 sons, and I know exactly what they like to do best – be outside every spare minute they have!  Ride bikes, ride scooters, play soccer, shoot baskets, kick field goals, play at a park, have Nerf gun battles, get really dirty and love every minute of it.  Boys and camp just go hand in hand.  The level of outdoor play time at Camp Winnataska is amped up to an extreme!   Just watch the video below and you’ll understand what I mean. 


We wanted to bottle up how much Camp Winnataska can be a paradise for boys.  Our new video definitely does that.  Canoeing, sliding down the falls into the gorge at Kelly Creek, jumping off the rocks into the gorge, playing War ball (a Recreation favorite for all camp boys), cooling off by swimming in our brand new pool, daily canteen visits for snacks and drinks, dressing up in camouflage, Glow in the Dark night, and much more.  Did you see that awesome mud obstacle course?  Your son would love Winnataska! 

Our convenient online registration for summer 2013 will open on Thursday, November 1st.   Camp Winnataska will also be hosting recruitment parties for all new potential campers between the months of November through February.  We are especially interested in recruiting new, excited boys to give Winnataska a try this summer!   If your family is interested in hosting a Winnataska recruitment party or if you are a new family interested in learning more about Camp Winnataska, please send me an email to    I’d love to tell you more about Winnataska! 

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