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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I haven’t received a confirmation letter in the mail. Is my child registered?

As one of our initiatives to save paper, camp will email you a confirmation from Check your spam or bulk mail folder to see if it ended up there. If not, please email the registrar at You will also be getting an email from camp approximately two weeks before your camper's session begins with lots of important information.

2.  Will my child be in the same cabin as their buddy?

Make sure you list your child’s friends when registering for camp. If you convince a buddy to come after you’ve already registered, you can still make a request for that buddy.

We will do everything possible to place your child in the same cabin as their buddy. The only times we have problems with buddy placement is when buddies are more than a grade apart, or there are extremely large groups of campers (8 or more) that come together. (This is why we ask you to list 2 buddies.) If neither of those instances apply to you, reassure your camper that they will be in the same cabin as their friend. We know that campers worry a lot that they won’t be with their buddy.

3. My child has allergies. What is on the camp menu?

We can accommodate children with food allergies, but parents should remember that campers should be independent and able to handle meal time without close adult supervision.  Parents with younger children who have severe food allergies should consider the child's age and level of maturity. Parents can supplement with food that is brought, but counselors can not spend a great deal of time preparing food and then have time to eat themselves. It is important that campers be able to verbalize what they need and recognize foods that might cause them a problem. Click here for the 2017 menu. (Menu items do change, subject to the availability of food items.) Campers with severe food allergies need to complete a Supplemental Food form prior to arriving at Winnataska.

Camp Winnataska's regular menu does not include any peanut products, and no peanut oil is used to prepare food. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available to campers if they do not like the main entree', but the materials are kept in the kitchen, away from campers.

4.  I just got a homesick letter from my camper. What should I do?

Don’t panic. Homesickness is experienced by almost every camper at some time or another. Write your camper back and focus on how proud you will be of them at the end of the week. Validate their feelings, of course, and perhaps you can tell them about a time when you were homesick. Our directors, leaders and staff will work very hard to support each and every camper during times of homesickness. Here are some web resources to help: "Help for the Homesick Camper's Parent," and "Homesick Campers."

5. My child is 9, but just finished 2nd grade. Will they be a Mainside or Chico camper?

Placement is done by grade, with age as a general guideline. A child that has finished 2nd grade (rising 3rd grade) will be a Chico camper. Mainside campers must have finished 3rd grade.

6. Will my camper be able to call home?

No, campers do not use the phone while at camp. Campers are not allowed to have a cell phone with them while at camp – even if it is turned off and in their luggage. Please help your camper abide by these camp rules.

7. When will the daily pictures be posted?

Our daily pictures are being posted on SmugMug. Please click on the link on our home page.

Please understand that taking care of campers is our first priority, and pictures will be posted as soon as possible.

8. How do I send my child a letter?

For information on mail, please click here. If you do not know their hut name, just address the letter to the camper. Hut names just make the sorting faster.

9. I sent my child a letter, but they never got it. What happens now?

All letters to campers who are no longer at camp are sent back to the post office marked, “Return to sender.”

10. My child lost a _____ (insert clothing item here) at camp. What do you do with lost and found?

To read about lost and found, click here.

11. I wanted to sign up for ___camp (5th camp, for example), but it is not showing up in the online registration?

If it is not showing up as an option, that particular session is full. You can call or email the registrar to be placed on the waiting list.

12. What should I pack for night activities?

For night activity suggestions, click here.

13. What hut will my child be in?

Hut placement is done right before camp starts - the lists change frequently! During co-ed camps, we have three boys huts and three girls huts.  The all girls camp uses all six huts. All campers are placed in huts with buddies according to age. Usually there is a two year age-span in each hut, sometimes three, depending on the population of the campers that session.

14. Do I need to send spending money to camp with my camper?

No, Camp Winnataska is all-inclusive.

Campers will be able to go to our canteen during snack time and choose a snack and drink. If you wish to purchase t-shirts, water bottles or other souvenirs, you can do so at drop-off or pick-up.