Leader Interviews

Information about leader interviews will not be emailed to you until the week before interviews. If  your interview time has not been emailed to you by December 31, 2015, please contact us at

Interviews are for first-time leaders and potential staff members.  (Returning leaders do not have to interview.)

Time and Place:

Interviews in Birmingham will take place on January 2 and January 9, between 9 am and 12 noon


Interviews at Camp Winnataska on February 5 will be held in the afternoon at the dining hall.  

What to Wear

Dress should be something that you would wear for church.  You will have your picture taken! (Say cheese!)

What to Expect

You will need to sign in and check in with an adult when you arrive.  They will take your picture.

Those who are completely new to Camp Winnataska will attend a short orientation with a fellow teenage counselor. They will tell you a little bit about camp life and what to expect as a leader. You can ask them lots of questions. After the orientation, you will then have your interview.

If you are a first-time leader, you will meet with a member of the Camp Winnataska Alumni Committee.  They will ask you about your experience working with children, your history at camp, and the qualities of a good leader that you possess.  They will also hand you a job description.

We will do our best to stay on schedule, and try not to take more than a half hour of your time, but please do allow up to 45 minutes for your interview.  

After the interview

You will be contacted via email after your interview.  Remember all leaders must attend Leadership Weekend at camp, March 4-6.

Your application is not complete until your teacher recommendation has been received.

Assigned camp sessions will be posted in March.

Staff Interviews

If you are a potential staff member, you will meet with members of the hiring committee on either January 2 or January 9, or at another time arranged by the hiring committee.  Be prepared to talk about the same topics mentioned above. Interviews will be scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm.