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 Interesting infomation for alumni, parents and campers. Discover Winnataska's 96 year history, and learn how to volunteer. Click here.

Mail Call

Mail is delivered to campers after lunch during their rest period each day.  We offer lots of ways to stay in touch with your camper. For our philosophy on mail, see below.

Snail Mail

Letters to campers should be addressed to:

Camper Name

Cabin Name

Camp Winnataska

260 Winnataska Dr.

Pell City, AL 35128


You can still send mail if you do not know the hut name! (It just helps in sorting.) Cabin assignments are sent to parents one or two days before camp starts.

If you are sending a care package, please make sure not to pack food, as this attracts critters of all kinds! The quality and quantity of meals served each day will be more than adequate for the campers. You are only allowed to send packages in small manila envelopes. We will deliver these envelope packages on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please, no boxes! 

Mail Bins

After you check-in your child, look for mail bins by the camp gates.  You are welcome to keep mail in your car and bring it to the mail bins after you drop-off your child.  Label the letter with your camper's name, hut name, and what day you want the mail delivered.  Please do not give mail to the weekly directors, as they are very busy during registration. The same guidelines for mail (above) apply.


For Summer 2017, we are using a parent email system.  Parents, friends and relatives will still be able to email campers and have it delivered like regular snail mail during rest period.

As part of the camper fee, each camper will receive two email "credits" per weekday at camp. (We do not deliver mail to campers on the weekend.) How you divide these up among your family members is up to you.

Care Packages

To save time, Winnataska has a care package station located in the Camp Store. After you check in your child, stop by the porch of Strickland where our volunteers can help you put together a care package. You choose the items to purchase and make the packages, then we deliver them to your camper on a day later in the week! Winnataska merchandise is also available from the camp store for you to take home to other family members.  

Our Philosophy on Mail: A Letter from the Director

Dear Winnataska parents,

As a camper, I saved all the letters that I received from home, even the ones written to me when I worked at camp during college.  I vividly remember the anticipation I felt at the end of lunch when I realized, "Hey, rest time is next, and that means....MAIL TIME!" 

We do realize how very important mail is to a child. However, the "less is more," philosophy is so applicable here.  Camp itself is very expensive....there is no need for care packages to add hundreds of more dollars to the cost of sending a child to camp.  What's most important is the EXPERIENCE we want our children to get - anticipating a letter from home, relaxing on their bed during rest time, and re-reading it several times to themselves.  And I promise that this EXPERIENCE can be gained from a funny card, a snapshot, a letter from the point of view of the dog, or a drawing from a younger sibling.

So, here's the real scoop - you have to resist the temptation to go overboard. You have to resist pressure from your children, especially if they have been to camp before.  I can tell you, between visits to canteen and other special treats (like s'mores!) they get plenty of sweets.  I can also tell you that many a Winnataska mouse has disrupted a good night's sleep in search of those leftover skittles on the floor. I am not suggesting to NOT send mail....on the contrary! I am suggesting that they can feel your hugs from far away with some heartfelt words. It does not take a big box of candy to send your best wishes to your child. In this spirit we are going to set aside Tuesdays and Thursdays as LETTER ONLY days. We want campers to experience the thrill of a note from home and taking the time to write one back. 

We would never confiscate any mail that you send to your child. (Many camps hold packages that contain food.) But we do ask that you keep mail to a maneagable amount.  A deck of cards, a book of Mad Libs, a funny pair of socks, a pack of stickers....these are all inexpensive "tokens" that you can purchase at the dollar store and fit in a manilla envelope.  We will be delivering envelope packages Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Remember also that your camper will have to re-pack themselves and large items can cause packing troubles!

If you have read this far, I do thank you for hearing me out! I also thank you for valuing the experience of summer camp, and trusting us with your children.  They are your most precious posessions and ours as well!


Ann Pickens

Summer Camp Director