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Our Heritage

 Interesting infomation for alumni, parents and campers. Discover Winnataska's 96 year history, and learn how to volunteer. Click here.

Night Activities

Camp Winnataska has several evening activities which are almost as old as the camp itself. In fact, Indian Night has been celebrated from the very founding year of the camp.

The pageant of the Holy Grail, which honors outstanding leaders and staff as it recreates the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, was written in 1922. You can read about these traditions here.

Fun-filled Country Night is over 50 years old. Newer activities, such as the search for Blackfeet and Comanches called "Mission Impossible," are camper favorites. Girls camps still include the popular Song Night.

What to pack for night activities

Below is a list to help you in packing for night activities. Mini-Chico campers should pack according to what nights they will be at camp (Sun. - Tues. nights or Wed. - Fri. nights). Due to rain, sometimes night activities must be rearranged. Please do not worry if you do not have a specific outfit for each night. Your camper's leaders will always be willing to use a little creativity to make everyone feel a part of the fun.


Sunday night:  The Opening Ceremony!

Campers will be assigned a common color shirt to wear, so they do not need to pack anything special.

Monday night:  Mission Impossible

Campers can wear camouflage or dark colors.

Tuesday night:  Indian night

     Campers will create crafts to use on Indian Night.  Many campers will add fringe to an old t-shirt as their Indian Night outfit. Most boys choose to paint their chests before the ceremony.

Wednesday night:  Holiday Night

The oldest huts (Seminole and Navajo during most weeks, only Navajo during Girls Week) participate in an overnight campout, so Holiday Night is a party for Chickasaw, Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw and Chico campers. Pack any Holiday outfit, the night will be filled with Holiday games from throughout the year! 

Thursday night:  Country night

     Attire for the farm!

Friday night:  Holy Grail

     Campers wear white clothes, or light-colored clothing for our traditional pageant about the Holy Grail.

SUPER CHICO Camps will have Indian Night, Mission Impossible, and Country Night!