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 Interesting infomation for alumni, parents and campers. Discover Winnataska's 96 year history, and learn how to volunteer. Click here.

Prepare for check-in

Before the big day, please make sure that you have all the necessary forms ready for the check-in process. This will help make your check-in as smooth as possible!  We will have plenty of blank forms available on check-in day should you need them.

Health form: 

Fill out the Medical Form in the CampBrain registration system, Camp Winnataska no longer uses paper medical forms.

Please bring any updated medical information with you.

  • Alabama residents, you do not need to attach a "blue card" listing your camper's immunizations.  Just make sure that the immunization records for your child are accurately listed on the online health form. 
  • A physician's signature is not required on the health form. 


  • You do not need to pack over-the-counter medications, as our Health Hut stocks such items. 
  • Keep prescription medications in their original containers.  Place all medications in a large, gallon-size ziploc bag and write your child's name on it with permanent marker.
  • Do not pack medications in your child's suitcases, as you will need to turn them in during check-in.

Camper Check-out card:

List people (including yourself) that have permission to pick up your child on the Camper Check-out Card.  Our staff will use this form to check photo identification on departure day.  Please make sure your spouse's name is listed as well, if applicable.

Important note: Do not forget to list yourself and your spouse as a person who can pick up your child!

Allergies/Supplemental Food:

The Supplemental Food Form is found in the back of the Parent Handbook. This form needs to be filled out and submitted to the camp office only if your camper will require food brought from home because of their severe dietary restrictions. If your camper has an allergy, but does not require supplemental food a Supplemental Food Form is not required. The Camp Menu can be found by clicking here.

Remaining Balance:

Please make sure that all your camp fees are paid before arriving at camp.  Contact the registrar at for questions.  You may return to the registration screens at anytime and pay a remaining balance with a credit card.