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Applications for Summer 2016 open in November.

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Glad you are here! Camp Winnataska is 99-years old and still going strong, thanks to the dedicated staff members who work hard to give campers the experience of a lifetime.

If you are a parent, interested in learning more about who will be taking care of your children, visit Who We Are to read about camp leadership.

If you are in college, looking for summer employment, please keep reading about how Camp Winnataska can positively impact your life.  We also have volunteer opportunities for high school students (finished 10th grade and up) in the summer. More information about employment, including job descriptions, can also be found in the sidebar. Start with Working at Winnataska.

Please note: Applications to work on staff or volunteer as a leader for Summer 2017 were due by December 31, 2016. 

How has working at Camp Winnataska had a positive impact on your life? 

"Being a leader has made a huge impact on my life. I have gained an incredible amount of confidence as a leader. I never realized I lacked confidence until I finally gained it this past summer. I have finally been able to connect with people and realize that people want to get to know me and want to like me this past summer. I cannot even begin to write about how much being a leader has impacted me to be a better person."

"Christ is real and alive there and it's a joy to know He's using camp to work in little lives."

"I love being a leader and it has really taught me how to be humble and give everything up to serve others. People ask me why I go and "live at camp for a week and not get paid" and it's hard to explain if you've never done it. The experiences and good times at camp aren't comparable to a paycheck, and seeing the impact you make on just one camper makes everything worth it."

"Camp is the happiest place I've ever been to. It's happier than a Color Run in Disney World!"