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Traditions at Winnataska

Holy Grail

Fridays at Camp Winnataska mean the most important and tradition-rich night activity of the week. 1922 marked the beginning of what was to become a landmark of Camp Winnataska. This was the first year the pageant of "Holy Grail" was given. A select group of leaders and staff are chosen as the cast.

The play depicts the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the round table, focusing on their search for the Holy Grail, the cup that Christ drank out of at the last supper. Sir Galahad, the purest and best of all the knights, received a vision of the Holy Grail, " seems to call me and I must follow." Sir Galahad then followed his vision and, through much peril, found the lost chalice. In his travels, he came to a roa d of seven bridges. He crossed the first six bridges in safety, but, LO!, as he set foot on the seventh bridge, it burst into flames. Sir Galahad was lifted into heaven, holding in his hand, the Holy Grail.

Being chosen as a member of the Grail Cast is a great honor and reward. Being chosen as Sir Galahad is the highest honor given to the staff member or leader that is the purest and best. The pageant is performed by the staff, while the Blackfeet prepare to rebuild the seventh bridge after it bursts into flames.

The Holy Grail pageant is the hallmark of Camp Winnataska and our way of ending a great week with a great message. The campers are challenged to search for their own Holy Grail and to "Follow the Gleam." This song is sung at the conclusion of every Hillside.

"Follow the Gleam"

To the knights in the days of old,      

Keeping watch o'er the mountain high,

Came a vision of Holy Grail, 

And a voice through the waiting night.

Follow, follow, follow the gleam,

Banners unfurled, o'er all the world,

Follow, follow, follow the gleam,

Of the Chalice that is the Grail.

       And we who would serve the King,

And loyally him obey,

In the consecrate silence know,

That the challenge still holds today.

Follow, follow, follow the gleam, 

Standards of worth, 

O'er all the earth,

Follow, follow, follow the gleam, 

Of the light that shall bring the dawn.

Camp Songs

Many of the songs that campers learn at Winnataska are decades old. Here are a few examples of the wide variety of songs sung at camp. If you have the words to a camp song that is not included, please email us. Click here to go to the Camp Winnataska song page.



At Camp Winnataska, the staff sees to it that campers who come have the opportunity to grow spiritually as well as physically and socially. Campers attend a morning Bible lesson in the small round chapel at the top of Mainside, named Branscomb Chapel. The larger chapel is called Brewer Chapel and is used for Sunday services.


Wayside Cross was built in 1936 by two director's assistants, Walter Lawton and Glenn Ritchie. At the dedication during boys camp on August 16, participants sang "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Beneath the Cross of Jesus," and Rev. Frank Cross spoke. Wayside is still the sight of Sunday's evening worship service. And when the sun is setting behind the cross, it is a sight only God could create.



Every evening (except Sundays), after supper, campers head on over to a scenic overlook of thefalls which is appropriately named, Hillside.  Here campers get the chance to sing hymns, and songs like "Now the Day is Over," and "Follow the Gleam". The campers also hear a devotional from the weekly directors or a guest speaker arranged by the directors.