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Our Heritage

 Interesting infomation for alumni, parents and campers. Discover Winnataska's 96 year history, and learn how to volunteer. Click here.

Residential Camping for Ages 6-15

If you want to learn more about Camp Winnataska, then watch our eleven minute video called,  "Why Camp Winnataska?"  We hope you discover what we already know - Camp Winnataska is one caring and friendly family, and more fun in one week than most have all summer! 

Camp Chico, rising 1, 2, and 3rd graders (ages 6-9)

In the summer, Camp Winnataska has two primary camps: Camp Chico for ages 6-8 (video) and Mainside for ages 9-15.  Each camp is based around the same program activities and designed for each age group.  Chico campers have earlier bed times and more rest during the day, while the older campers have more adventure and choice in programming.

Chico campers live in huts just the right size for their age! On Chico Hill, there are 4 cabins, each sleeping 8 campers and 2 counselors.  Adult directors live on Chico with the campers and are available 24/7 for campers.

Chico sessions have two lengths, three nights or six nights.  If you are parents of a Chico-aged camper who has never spent the night away at camp, we recommend the three-night sessions.  Watch out though, your camper may have so much fun, they will be begging to stay the rest of the week!

We have a specific webpage and video dedicated to showing you how much fun your Chico camper will have. Click here to watch our Chicos Video.

Mainside, rising 4rd grade and up (ages 9+)

Older campers (those who have finished 3rd grade and up) bunk in the rustic huts on Mainside across Kelly Creek. The huts are named for Native tribes - the first five lived in Alabama: Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Navajo. Campers live in cabins with campers that are close in age and grade. Each cabin has beds with mattresses, electricity, and a nearby bathhouse. Four to six counselors stay in the cabins with the campers; the ratio of counselors to campers is 1:6.

Our older campers have their own type of program with several high adventure opportunities, such as the high ropes course, pictured right.

Camp Winnataska has everything you could need a summer camp:   A dining hall, health hut with registered nurses on duty (24 hours a day), canteen, gym with basketball court, canoes, stables with a new barn, activity fields, swimming pool, craft hut, ropes courses, 32-acre lake and miles of hiking trails. 

Most summer camps are similar to Camp Winnataska, but why is Winnataska different?  The people associated with Camp Winnataska are what makes it so special and why it has been around for almost 100 years. 

Hey Boys!

Here's a video from the point of view of some of our male campers. Watch it to see why boys at Winnataska have more fun!

Leaders in Training 

If your camper is a rising 10th grader, they can choose to participate in our Leader in training program (LIT) and learn valuable leadership skills that will help them as a counselor in future years. LITs do not need to submit a separate form; they register as regular campers. The program is optional, and rising 10th graders will attend an informational meeting about being an LIT at the beginning of their camp session.